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Motorcycle Travel Tire Repair Kit

Motorcycle Travel Tire Repair Kit

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1. Mark the position where the tire needs to be repaired and pull out the puncture.
2. Use the spiral cone to determine the direction of the wound, put glue on the front of the spiral cone, and insert Insert and pull out the wound for more than three times to fill the wound with vulcanizing agent
3. Insert the tire repair rubber strip into the front port of the tire repair pin in a half on one side
That is, all the drawings of the two sides of the vulcanized rubber strip, gluing, plug-in, and plugging to the end
4. Pull out slowly, and stop when pulling out the rubber strip for 1cm, when there are four rubber strips in the holestate
5. Cut off the rubber strip and leave it 2mm higher than the tread
6. Test with water. If there is air leakage, add another one along the edge as per 3 and 4

Matters needing attention:
This tire repair tool is applicable to the repair of punctures below 6mm of the vacuum tire nail hole. The tire pressure should be lower than 1.5 during the repair, otherwise the film is easy to break. Do not look directly at the injury hole during the operation to prevent gas or foreign matter from spraying. Wear goggles for construction.

What's Included:

Single Set:Tyre repair kit * 1Set 
Set of 2 with Pump:Tyre repair kit * 1Set, Air hose * 1
Set of 3:Tyre repair kit * 1 , Glue * 1, Rubber strip * 1
Pump Only:Air hose * 1

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